Bohlman Paradise

Bohlman Paradise: House

The house is a two-story Rondo home in the shape of a dodecahedral prism. The perimeter is a regular dodecagon (12 sides). Floor space is 2000 square feet, with four bedrooms, two baths, and a laundry room on the first floor, and kitchen, half bath, and spacious living room upstairs. It has a natural wood open beam ceiling and walnut paneling. Large picture windows showcase the spectacular view. None of the interior walls downstairs are load-bearing, offering complete flexibility in rearranging the floorplan. The exterior is weathered redwood veneer plywood with redwood trim. A second- story deck 8 feet wide and 35.5 feet long (285 square feet) offers a lounge area on top of the world, and partial shade below.

New in 2018 is a photovoltaic system with battery storage by Cinnamon Energy Systems. Its peak production is about 7.7kW.

A large detached garage/barn includes a large loft and room for two cars. Its oversize flat roof is at the perfect angle and orientation for solar collectors. A level gravel driveway with a large, flat parking area accommodates practically any vehicle. Add the large front pasture, and you could easily park 100 cars and still have more than an acre to host an immense outdoor party.

A 10,000 gallon water tank, 400 gallon propane tank, and 14KW generator provide self-sufficiency for at least two weeks.