Bohlman Paradise

Bohlman Paradise: View

lunar eclipse

Everyone who comes here is overwhelmed by the gorgeous views of the entire San Francisco Bay area and of the Santa Cruz Mountains from this hilltop at an elevation of 2400 feet. On nights when the valley is filled with fog, the dark sky above the smog can be spectacular, though not as dark as it once was. I've hosted meteor shower parties and amateur astronomy viewings. It's a good place to watch eclipses.



From the west toward the south, the Skyline ridge of the Santa Cruz mountains displays a wooded evergreen hillside. Few structures or lights are visible. Spectacular sunsets are often seen over the ridge, above the valley haze and fog.


Venus Feb 2009

The valley between us and Skyline Ridge houses small Lake McKenzie, a reservoir for the valley.

lake fog

Above, oastal fog is sometimes seen cascading over Skyline and filling this valley.

Monterey Bay

Above, Monterey Bay is visible from further up Bohlman. Getting here means a 4 mile rural road, passing our own seasonal waterfall. At 3 miles is a former Boy Scout camp, with a majestic stand of redwood trees.


Sunrises like this make it easy to get up in the morning.

August Night

August 5, 2008 provided a spectacular evening sky. As if the sunset in the west wasn't enough, the east offered a complete rainbow covering much of the sky. Some of the time the rainbow was double.

sunset panorama rainbow panorama